Who We Are

This year more than 14 million Ukrainians have been displaced from their homes with no promise of what’s to come. Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada has already approved over 70,000 applications for Ukrainians with over 20% coming to Alberta. As most of the men are forced to stay behind to fight for their country, many of the refugees coming to Canada are women with their children (single income), and elderly.

ProCura has been developing responsible spaces since 1979 for work, live, and play. From 2009 to 2020, ProCura redeveloped and repurposed over 1 million square feet on the corner of Jasper and 109 th Avenue in Edmonton. ProCura’s mission is to elevate people’s quality of life by creating communities through real estate innovation. Because of this, we’ve taken the initiative to heart, and partnered with The Alberta Ukraine Chamber of Commerce and Krawford Construction to sponsor Ukrainian families that are arriving in Edmonton who are looking for a new home and a fresh start for their families.

Louvre for Ukraine

Our newest development, Le Louvre Residence in Century Park, was the perfect way to start this project. With construction fully completed in April 2022 and several empty suites waiting for tenancy, we’ve been able to sponsor Ukrainian families in need with rent free accommodation in a brand-new suite for one year, with the support of Krawford Construction covering all utility costs. Together, we’ve also been able to gift essential items such as beds, linens, and kitchenware to get the families started and welcome them into their new home.

Century Park is not just a destination... it’s a journey.

The location of Century Park provides the perfect place for Ukrainians coming to Edmonton to call home and start their new journey in life. Located steps away from the LRT and Bus Loop, they can traverse the city without relying on a vehicle to get to and from work or take their children to school. These families have the freedom and convenience of essential amenities that are steps away, such as: grocery stores, medical services, and financial institutions, which are significant considerations for each family.

Here’s what the families, our partners, and our leadership team have to say about #WelcomingUkraine…

We Have Set a Goal To Support 50 Ukrainian Families!


Thousand Raised


Families Helped So Far


Families To Support

As of July 2022, we’ve been able to support a total of 12 Ukrainian families, but we are getting requests for more families and we need your help, as together we can help more families in need. To continue to grow this initiative, we’ve also decided to partner with Amigo Relief Missions and together with your assistance we aim to provide a new life for 50 families (if not more).

How You Can Help:

Financial Donations

Every little bit helps and will be put to work! All proceeds raised will be collected by Amigo Relief Missions (Business Number 866150816RR0001) who will work in conjunction with The Alberta Ukraine Chamber of Commerce to prioritize and distribute the funds.

We’re currently accepting online and cheque donations. Click the link below to make an online donation or you can make cheques out to:

Amigo Relief Missions
23 Donnely Terrace
Sherwood Park, Alberta
T8H 2B3
Memo: Welcoming Ukraine Initiative


Donating Essentials

Click here for a full list of essentials that are currently in demand. If you’re able to assist, please contact us to coordinate. Please note that brand new or like-new condition is preferred.


Sponsoring A Suite

Are you a business that’s able to provide an apartment/condo suite for a Ukrainian family? Please contact us to coordinate. #WelcomingUkraine wouldn’t be possible without the support of our sponsors and we thank you in advance.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can a Ukrainian family apply to receive support and what is the selection criteria?

We strive to help newly arriving families from Ukraine by removing the single largest item from the list of things they need to worry about as they arrive – accommodation for the first year. Our primary focus is on helping families in the most difficult circumstances – mothers with small children, seniors, those that lost their relatives or those, that were forced to relocate having to leave their spouses behind due to the war.

To apply, please contact The Alberta Ukraine Chamber of Commerce with a 2-3 paragraphs about your family in English, the circumstances of your departure from the Ukraine, and your current situation. If there are circumstances whereby we are unable to support a family, we will do our best to find alternate resources that best suit their needs.

Can Ukrainian families only be housed in Le Louvre / Century Park?

No. #WelcomingUkraine started at Le Louvre Residence in Century Park as it was a brand-new building and had many empty apartments therefore it was the perfect marriage for us to host a dozen families due to open capacity for 1-year. It is a luxury building, and we realize, that there are many options and other suitable homes/locations, so we are reaching out to the community to assist with providing alternate housing options to help as many Ukrainian families as possible.

What criteria do you use to qualify essential items and suite sponsorships?

Essential items need to be in new or like-new condition to ensure a solid, healthy foundation for the Ukrainian families to start out with.

If the opportunity presents itself whereby a landlord or individual wish to donate an apartment/s or condo, that they feel would meet the needs of the Ukrainians, we’re more than happy to explore the proposed options. Suites will be assessed on a case-by-case basis; however, location, square footage, and nearby amenities must be factored in.

How do I sign up to sponsor a family at my home?

We are not currently coordinating home sponsorships at this time; however, we appreciate your support and want to connect you with an organization that would be able to assist. Please contact us and we’ll help you the best we can.

Why did you partner with The Alberta Ukraine Chamber of Commerce, Krawford Construction, and Amigo Relief Missions in particular?

These were natural partnerships built upon established connections and aligned goals. Every organization has their role and bring the level of experience and expertise required to fulfill this initiative.

The Alberta Ukraine Chamber of Commerce helps build a bridge for the Ukrainian families in need. By speaking their native language they’re provided a network of resources to help facilitate getting the families to Canada safely and setup for a success.

Krawford Construction has been a partner of ours for several years and is well established in the construction industry. They are able to contribute financial means and essential items such as beds.

Amigo Relief Missions is a non-profit organization that provides compassionate and effective humanitarian aid to places including Ukraine. Due to their existing connections and their current push to support Ukrainians in need, they were the perfect match to help us coordinate our financial donations.

Is ProCura a Non-Profit Organization or Foundation?

No. ProCura is an award-winning real estate development and management company whose mission is to elevate people’s quality of life. ProCura has always invested in our community as we believe social responsibility is not only the right thing to do, but also aligns with our morals and values.

We have partnered with The Alberta Ukraine Chamber of Commerce (Government Organization) and Amigo Relief Missions (Non-Profit Organization) to fulfill #WelcomingUkraine.

What other initiatives does ProCura support?

At ProCura, we believe that creating communities goes beyond constructing great buildings and we recognized an opportunity to strengthen communities through high-visibility project sites and created the Signs of Change Initiative.

This powerful corporate social responsibility initiative focuses on prime-visibility signage packages on construction development sites for our partners in support of creating life-changing opportunities for families and young people in need.

ProCura believes in giving back therefore we’ve donated millions in community and charity organizations over the last couple decades.