Innovation & Sustainability

ProCura’s team of dedicated professionals approaches each development with eye for innovation and a consideration for long-term environmental sustainability.


Innovation at ProCura starts with residents and tenants, with a significant emphasis placed on the use of space where individuals live, work, or play.  The company’s team of dedicated professionals carefully study traffic flow, building usage patters, amenity preferences, and tenant lifestyle considerations to inform design. Frequent interactions between ProCura team members and tenants provide first-hand insight into what tenants need and want.

ProCura’s tenant-centric business model accommodates progressive development in alignment with shifting trends and community expectations, with an emphasis on sourcing innovative products, energy sources, and sustainable architectural features that enhance buildings and the overall city landscape.


ProCura recognizes the significant impact the company’s design and construction practices have on the environment. The company’s commitment to sustainability sets new, healthier industry standards.

Our commitment to sustainability was first manifested in the reimagining of the Intact Insurance Building in 2009. ProCura transformed a timeworn 1960’s era office building into Edmonton’s first LEED® GOLD – Core & Shell certified office complex, incorporating cutting-edge sustainability features including triple pane window walls and a rainwater collection system.

Environmental innovations have since been incorporated into preceeding projects, including The Mayfair on Jasper luxury apartments – Edmonton’s first to incorporate solar panels and a cogeneration energy system that re-purposes wasted energy from the production of electricity to heat the building’s common areas.

ProCura approaches future development projects with a strong consideration towards incorporating cutting edge environmental innovations and long-term sustainable building practices.