Our Story

ProCura Real Estate Services is a full service real estate development and management company whose mission is to elevate people’s quality of life.

Recognized as one of Alberta’s largest private transit integrated landholders, ProCura’s forward-thinking projects have redefined skylines through the company’s ability to envision, develop, and reimagine outstanding buildings and communities since 1979.

Notable recent projects include: the reimagining of WSP Place; the award winning LEED® GOLD-CS Certified Intact Insurance Building; The Mayfair on Jasper luxury apartments; and the visionary, all-encompassing community at Century Park. The company approaches each new development with an eye for modern design and innovation, incorporating advanced sustainability methods and contemporary building technologies.

The company’s future project pipeline consists of multiple urban locations in Edmonton, encompassing over 1.4 million square feet of land holdings, over 4.4 million square feet of developable space, and over 6,900 multi-family units.

Our Mission, Vision & Values

ProCura’s purpose goes beyond building and operating great buildings. Our mission, vision, and core values guide everything we do.

Our Mission
To elevate people’s quality of life.
We build spaces, develop buildings, and provide services that improve the quality of lives of as many people as possible.

Our Vision
To create communities through real estate innovation – inclusive of commercial, residential, property management, and customer service.
We do more than develop and operate buildings – we create communities that people are proud to call home, work in, and visit.

Our Core Values

Both passion and perseverance are part of our DNA, it’s what has driven us to this point and will continue to drive us in the future.

Greatness comes from within an organization, from the people who are on the front lines delivering results. We encourage their thought leadership, fostering a culture of innovation from within.

From our buildings to our people, we do things right even if it takes us more time and resources than anticipated.

People are at the core of any business and ours is no different. Whether it’s our team, partners, vendors, or tenants, relationships are of utmost importance to us.

We believe in giving back, serving our communities the same way our communities have served and supported us.