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Our Story

True innovation is about choosing what’s right, not what’s easy. It means pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. As one of Alberta’s leading property development and management companies, ProCura Real Estate sees every new project, every new community, and every partnership as a chance to achieve the remarkable, together.

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ProCura’s mission is to create better-connected urban centres. When we plan a new community, we develop mixed-use buildings in lively, high-growth areas. Lifestyle amenities, such as parking, public transit, and commercial spaces, are all considered and made easily accessible to residents. This process of meticulous urban planning is shaping the strong and vibrant communities that make Alberta’s cities incredible places to live.

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Passionate, proactive community leadership is a ProCura cornerstone. It began with our founder’s vision for creating caring, connected communities and has since become ingrained in our corporate culture, embraced company-wide. As we lend hands where needed and help others reach their full potential, we’re making a difference in countless lives, together.

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Smart Cities

We’re focused on creating mixed-use, transit-oriented developments that foster higher density neighbourhoods. This process of renewal keeps our cities vibrant and strong.


From cutting-edge engineering to today’s most energy-efficient materials, our tenacity to implement new technologies is what sets us apart.

Community Minded

When we build a new development, we don’t just invest in the structure itself. We invest in the people who call it home.


Our commitment to advancing sustainable solutions and revolutionizing industry standards is leaving a lasting impact on Alberta’s communities and skylines.

Urban Evolution

It takes determination to build something great.

But only imagination can turn it into something spectacular. This is the type of thinking that challenges the status quo, connects communities, and redefines skylines.
We are proud of who we are today, of how far we’ve come. But success isn’t static. Reinvention is essential. Because as we evolve, so does our potential.



Recent News

Developer’s vision for Century Park approved by Edmonton city councillors, community – Global News Article

June 12, 2017

“The support from the community is a sign of a shift in the discussion about the importance of density to our city, to building a more efficient community, to bringing amenities to neighbourhoods that help support those communities”
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