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What does it mean to choose a career with ProCura? It means doing things differently, finding a better way, or a smarter solution. It’s witnessing a difference and seeing how each project we touch, touches countless lives. It means taking responsibility for the future we create with every choice we make.

Our people are vital to our success and essential to elevating the quality of life of other people. ProCura offers diverse career opportunities in property management, project management, finance, accounting, operations, asset management, and marketing.


Residential Property Manager

Reporting to: Vice President Asset Manager

Reporting to the Vice President of Asset Management, the Property Manager is responsible for the management of related resources to ensure ProCura Residential portfolio is effectively and efficiently operated within established budgets. Ensure a high level of Resident satisfaction is achieved through constant adherence to ProCura’s Mission, Vision, and Core Values. Professional, proactive, and timely handing of Resident inquiries, feedback, complaints, or concerns. Develop and foster positive relationships with internal and external stakeholders. The Property Manager should think strategically and creatively and exercise good judgment to identify and evaluate value creation opportunities. The Property Manager must possess strong leadership skills and foster a team-based culture overseeing and leading an elite property management team.

Responsibilities – Tenant Acquiring and Tenant Service
• Ensure suites are rent ready and meet turnover timeline
• Approve and sign off on Tenancy Agreements and renewals
• Overseeing move-in/out inspections and determines charges
• Review tenant complaints and/or inquiries in FUB and responds/actions accordingly
• Resolve dispute cases with RTDRS if necessary
Responsibilities – Supervising & Team Building
• Create and implement policy and procedure for operation
• Ensure employees are on task and working to efficiency
• Regularly audit filing and administration to ensure processes are followed
• Monitor existing employees and measures performance metrics
• Create business case for potential new employees as necessary
• Employee mentoring and training
Responsibilities – Budgeting and Financial Reporting
• Create budgets for all properties under the Residential Portfolio, monitor variances, and complete monthly financial reporting
• Approve work requests and purchase orders according to budget
• Approve invoices as per budget, purchase order, contracts
• Monitor/execute/tender contract and ensure they are being carried out with respect to scope/budget
• Overseeing arrears collection and RTA proceedings and attending RTDRS hearings
• Sign off on final charges before they are sent to the tenant by PA
Responsibilities – R & M
• Ensure warranty service received in accordance with equipment and appliances’ warranties
• Overseeing R & M jobs on Upkeep and FUB and ensure all vacant units meet the turnover timeline and standards
• Liaise directly with contractors and operations staff to ensure building is in working order
• Conduct routine inspection of buildings/premises and delegates tasks related to overall building operation/curb appeal
Responsibilities – General Admin
• Ensure proper documentation/operation under the RTA
• Ensure all premises meet AHS MHS regulations/fire code/any other code of standards
• Create and refine templates for use on site for tenant communication
• Measure metrics of Collections, Leasing, Renewals; adjusts strategy in coordination with leasing team lead