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ProCura is creating better-connected urban centres. When we plan a new community, we develop mixed-use buildings in lively, high-growth areas. Lifestyle amenities, such as parking, public transit, and commercial spaces, are all considered and made easily accessible to residents. We work with world-renowned architects and city planners to ensure each of our buildings is engineered with elegant, advanced designs. Through partnerships with all levels of government, we invest in developments such as Mayfair Village South that provide lower income Albertans with access to safe and affordable housing. This process of meticulous urban planning is shaping the strong and vibrant communities that make Alberta’s cities incredible places to live.


If ProCura can build more efficiently, use space more effectively, we should. If we can create healthier places where people can prosper, we will. If we can grow our cities in harmony with nature, we must. If the choices we make today can create a better tomorrow, then, to us, they are not choices. They are responsibilities.

As a prominent developer in Alberta, ProCura recognizes the significant impact our design and construction practices have on the environment. Through our commitment to sustainability, we are setting new, healthier industry standards.

We are proud to have developed Edmonton’s first LEED® GOLD-certified project, the Intact Building. Since then, we’ve assembled an in-house LEED®-certified team and have enthusiastically embraced BUILT GREEN® protocols.

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